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Cell Phones for Remote Construction Sites – Cellular Repeaters

Benchmark Data Solutions operates one of the largest cellular repeater rental fleets in Canada. We have a variety of cellular boosters and repeaters for just about any scenario and specialize in extreme cellular fringe areas for rigs and camps.

Manual 95 db gain repeater

This is the highest gain repeater on the market, frequently employed for larger rigs, extreme remote locations and remote camps that use Benchmark’s portable towers. It has 30 dBm of output power and manual attenuation and the power output is controlled in 2 db steps. This repeater has extremely high signal sensitivity and long range, capable of picking up cellular signals at a distance of 70 km and over . It is also fully weatherproof and tested in severe weather conditions, at temperatures as low as -45c. The repeater is available in both 850 MHz and 1900 MHz and all necessary antennas, cables and brackets are included in the rental package.

Automatic 80 db gain repeater

This repeater is mostly used on drilling and completion rigs that are frequently on the move, as well as at remote camps and locations. This model is fully automatic, with no technician required during rig moves, has full (AGC) Auto Gain Control and oscillation protection with 26 dbm output. It has been tested and operated at temperatures below  -45c and also while operating with a poor and irregular power supply. The repeater is available in single band 850 MHz, 1900Mhz and dual band 850/1900 MHz and all required antennas, cables and mounting brackets are included in the rental package.

55-85 db in-building cellular repeater

This repeater is most suitable for locations that require cellular coverage within buildings. It can also be used where outside cellular service is good, at -75 db or better, or in conjunction with a cellular tower repeater in fringe areas. The repeater has a variety of sizes and outputs for every size of camp, office or shop. It can also be installed in lunch and recreation rooms at camps to provide employee cell coverage. This model is available in single band 850 MHz, 1900 MHz or dual band 850/1900MHz and is offered for rental or purchase.

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